I’ve become a Road Scholar. Yes, I’ve spelled that correctly. No, it has nothing to do with Cecil or with Oxford. Maybe I’ll learn some interesting things and meet some interesting people anyway.

Road Scholar educational adventures are a program under the domain of Elderhostel. I’ve signed up to be part of a group that will bicycle about 188 miles along the Missouri River. We’ll pedal 35-45 miles a day for five straight days. We’ll trace the earliest leg of the famous trip Meriwether Lewis and William Clark took for President Thomas Jefferson. Along the way, we’ll learn about the impact of the railroad on life there in the 19th Century, and how German immigrants turned the area into one of the earliest wine-producing centers in the United States.

Road Scholar advertises itself as “adventures in lifelong learning.” Somehow that seems an appropriate endeavor for me in the liturgical season of Easter, when we remember and celebrate that the God we worship is an utterly endless source of surprise, new life, and renewal. While I’m “on the road,” Paul Dreher-Wiberg (April 14) and Howard Rose (April 21) will lead worship. I’ll be in the office until April 12 and back there on April 22. Meanwhile, the mind-boggling, life-transforming good news of Easter remains constant: Christ is risen; he is risen, indeed!