For movie fans “Back to the Future” is the title of a 1980s series of light-hearted flicks about travel through time on the part of quirky characters played by actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. For those of us who are part of this community of faith, “Back to the Future” might be a good “title” for calendar year 2014, too.

It’s hard to believe that “already” 2013, our 200th During those twelve months we’ve remembered together, celebrated with one another, reached out to the community and invited people both near and far to join us in marking this milestone.

We’ve enjoyed concerts, a Kids’ Fun Day, delicious drive-through fund raisers, the redecorating of our sanctuary’s narthex or entryway, a banquet, and the reminiscences of a “200-year-old” man. The Anniversary Committee did a wonderful job of planning a major event for each month. They deserve – if you haven’t given it to them already – our heartfelt, sincere thanks.

Now it’s 2014. That means it’s time for us as a congregation to turn our attention from the years between 1813 and 2013 – as much fun as that has been – to focus instead on the years ahead. We need to ask ourselves what we have to offer folk whom we have not yet met and who are not yet in our midst (several of our new participants say that caring community is what they most appreciate about us). We need to consider what and how we want to contribute to the quality of life around us (certainly the Nursery School continues, as well as our “Community Garden,” but is there something more?). We need to imagine together, pray together, plan and work together at becoming the congregation we believe God is calling us to become. In other words, we need to get “Back to the Future.”

At its last meeting Session made a brief list of things we have recently imagined doing together to become the congregation God is calling us to become. I offer it for your consideration. If it sparks your enthusiasm for one or another effort on it, let me know. If it causes you to think of something not listed that seems to you worth the rest of us considering, let me know.

Meanwhile, here’s the list:

  • Do another “Kid’s Fun Day” as a way of responding to an obvious summer time need of younger families.

  • Continue the expanded (i.e. 2 annually) Drive-Thru Dinner Schedule.

  • Could we reach out to the community by offering a series of cooking classes?

  • Can we continue or even expand our community garden?

  • Are there times other than Christmas (Angel Tree) when we can help refugees and other recent arrivals in this country?

  • Are there ways that we can work with P.E.A.C.E. or Vera House to help people in crisis?

  • Can we expand our Vanderkamp scholarship program?

  • Are we committed to continuing feeding hungry/homeless through Samaritan Center?

  • Anyone interested in participating in the Matthew 25 project?

  • Anyone looking to participate in Presbytery’s L.A.M.P. or “Southern Comfort?”

Happy, thoughtful and faithful 2014, anniversary year, has run its course.