There was clapping. There was singing. There were smiles all around. 

There was laughter throughout. Bells rang out in coordinated harmony. People in the pew found themselves tapping their toes as the choir sang. A big screen up front was filled with warm and joyful images showing people here working together, playing together, learning together and growing together. We listened for the Spirit to speak from a biblical text which reminded us that God really does have a wonderful sense of humor. There was appreciation offered and gratitude expressed. Delicious picnic food was available in abundance. New-comers were enthusiastically welcomed. People who have been here “forever” reminded one another that they really do care.

That was the scene here on the morning of June 16th. It was one of the best Moving Up Days we’ve ever had. Several people came to me after worship and said, “Why can’t every Sunday here be like this?” And that’s a good question!
Every Sunday we gather here can be joyous, touching, hope-filled, and festive. Even when it’s tears that we share, there is no reason we should not leave here saying, “Why can’t every Sunday here be like this?”  So, my aim in this article is to get you all to live with that question.

If you join us for worship during the summer, join us asking yourself, “Why can’t worship today be like it was on Moving Up Day?” If you’re off someplace else during the summer months, then at least take some time to ponder, “Why can’t every day at First Presbyterian be like it was on Moving Up Day in June and why can’t it be that way when I return there in the fall?” And, if you reach any conclusions, don’t keep them to yourself! Share them! You know that we need your input!

Let me conclude with a confession of sorts. The answer to the question that I keep coming back to is simple, but a little disconcerting. I keep concluding that the only thing which stands between us and our being everything we believe God calls us to be is us.