2013 has been a year for remembering. That’s a big part of what anniversaries are for. But can you believe that, as I write, there’s only a little more than a month left to our very special 200th anniversary year of remembering together? 

Next Sunday, November 3rd, is a day for remembering. It’s what the larger church calls All Saints Sunday. It’s a time for remembering loved ones dearly departed, as well as the many ways they have touched or shaped our lives. It’s a time, in particular, for doing that in worship; in other words, another time for remembering together. 

 The very end of November is a season for remembering. It is of course, Thanksgiving (this year, the 28th) weekend, and that’s a time for remembering the many, many blessings and gifts that each and all of us enjoy. (After all, how can we give thanks or be grateful if we haven’t first taken the time to remember in that way?) 

 Given that all this remembering will already be going on in the days ahead, I recommend you try one more kind of remembering before November itself is just a memory. Take some time over this coming month – perhaps in worship or in prayer, but certainly before the hectic holidays are upon us – to remember what it means for us to be a people of faith, to remember what we will be celebrating once advent and Christmas roll around. I like best the way Frederick Buechner says it: 

 “Remember it is possible to find peace – the peace that comes from looking back and remembering to remember that though most of the time we fail to see it, we were never really alone.”  

 Isn’t that actually the Gospel? God be with you!