What does September mean to you?  Is it the start of the school year (or of remembering what that annual “first day of school” was like)? Is it the beginning of Football season? Is it the time when Major League Baseball pennant races heat up? Is it when the leaves change and you try your best to get out to watch?

Having just returned from a reunion for my high school class, I find myself this year spending more time than usual connecting the approach of September with memories of the “first day of school” - e.g. the new clothes, new pens and pencils, new notebooks, new teachers, news of students who moved away, glimpses of others who moved in, the struggle to recognize those who over the summer had changed their appearance. It has me in a nostalgic mood (oh, to be young again, but to know and understand what I know and understand at this age!). Then again, nostalgia is a luxury of August. When September arrives there won’t be time for it. And, one reason for that - in this “neck of the woods” where Christian Education programs take a summer break - is the busyness and scheduling demands brought on by the resumption of Sunday

Morning Church School.

This year we’re establishing and publicizing some specific, measurable goals for our Christian Education and Sunday Morning Church School program (see article). We hope this will enable awareness and participation by you, the congregation, at the same time that it facilitates coordination of effort with other committees and groups.  “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven,” writes the author of Ecclesiastes 3 (p. 818 CEB). September is the season for all of us in this congregation to return from summer homes and summer vacations to join in “getting off on the right foot,” as we begin another Christian Education year here at First Presbyterian Church.