Rev. Hayes recently invited us to be alert, look around us, and observe al the good people in the world. Well, we do not have to look very far to find many of those people sitting among us.

We owe a “big thank you” to some of our staff members for the great evening they provided us at “The Winter Fling” on Sat., Feb. 18th. Our CE Coordinator Janne Murphy led the way along with Secretary Nancy Landon and Rev. Hayes filling all the necessary spots. They were aided greatly by Martha Stevens in the planning, advance preparation, and even the clean-up.
This foursome often goes “above and beyond” their normal duties to serve us, the congregation. We are so blessed to have these people in our midst.

The many volunteers who made the evening such a success included several high schoolers and their friends (who made sure we had plenty of food and beverage), those individuals we did not even see behind the kitchen doors, and the clean-up crew. They all deserve our thanks as well.

“THANK YOU!” from all of us who enjoyed the food, the entertainment, and the camaraderie that evening.

- Liz Bowers (on behalf of all in attendance)

Check out our photo gallery below from the Winter Fling held on February 18!  Click on the thumbnail images for larger pictures!