Is there something special about being Presbyterian?  

Is there something special about being part of this congregation?  

Is there something special about what each of you has to offer to our shared efforts to serve God’s purposes on this planet and in this life?            

These three questions are at the heart of our pledge campaign this fall.  By pinpointing important answers to them we hope to nurture a sense in one another of how important and exciting the things which your pledges support actually are.  The plan is to probe what’s great about being Presbyterian during worship on October 28th, to explore what’s special about this congregation during worship on November 4th, and to consider the uniqueness and importance of what each of you has to contribute during worship on November 11th

Join us for worship on these Sundays.  Watch for the pledge letter and card in the mail in early November.  Pray for wisdom and faith to discern what you actually have to give or share.  Then fill out the card.  You can mail it to the church office or bring it to worship and put it in the offering plate.  Dedication of your pledges will be part of worship on November 11th.